Give your kids A Good Wrap today!

A Good Wrap… A fabulous range of reuseable sandwich bags and  snack wraps for your child’s lunch box.

We spend so much time creating a healthy lunch it makes sense to package it in a more sustainable way.  Feel good about eating your lunch from A Good Wrap range and say goodbye to cling film and single use bags.

So simple and so easy to use. A Good Wrap products are made from cotton and nylon and can be reused everyday. Wraps easily store sandwiches and rolls in place, without allowing the bread to dry out and the reusable sandwich bags can store crackers, fruit, dried fruit, nuts and more. The list is endless..

To clean,  simply wipe down after use, wash in the sink with your dishes or throw them in the washing machine and hang dry on the line.

A Good Wrap products can be used for fundraising at your school to help raise awareness in our children about the importance of our environment, while also raising much needed funds for school.  See the Fundraising page for more detail.

Each item has a handy space for name labelling so that they won’t get lost.

Sold individually and in sets, and available in a fun range of fabric there is sure to be something suitable for every person in your house.

Our reusable sandwich bags are proudly designed and made in Australia.

Try one and give yourself A Good Wrap today.